Blog: Be the Change

“We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi

There are many to thank!

There are so many people who encouraged and helped me along the way. I’m very pleased I finally have a published book and an official acknowledgment page to thank them publicly.

A big thank you to Roxanne St. Claire, Lori Wilde, and Kristan Higgins who each listened to my ideas and encouraged me at the very beginning. You’ll never know how much I appreciated your time and friendship. It meant so much to me. Every new writer should be so lucky! I hope I wasn’t too much of a “fan girl.”

I must thank Romance Writers of America (RWA). Through my membership with them, I was able to attend the national conferences where I could attend workshops on the craft of writing and I was also able to join local and online chapters.

My two local groups are, Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America (now known as Michigan Romance Writers) and Greater Detroit Romance Writers. Each group has connected me with other writers who have always been supportive in so many ways. A special thank you goes to my weekly writing buddies: Dawn Bartley, Lenore English, Patricia Kiyono, Lucy Kubash, Betty Meyette, Deb Moser, and Diana Stout.

I also want to thank the three Lucky Star Beta readers, Alby Blazo, Linda Fletcher, and Betty Meyette. I value your wisdom and writing expertise more than I can say .

Thank you to my editor Julie Sturgeon, CEOEditor, Inc. and my cover designer RCMatthewsArtist.

A huge shout out to Diana Stout who spent many hours teaching me about formatting my book and troubleshooting my website.

My acknowledgments would be incomplete if I didn’t recognize and thank my parents, Gerhard and Anne Klouman. They are no longer with us. But I am confident they are looking down with pride. I certainly was blessed the day they chose me.

Thank you to my family and friends who believed in me and encouraged me to keep writing, especially my children Elizabeth and Andrew and my husband Jeff. Your love and support over the years has meant everything to me.